White Paper: Is SMS OTP Authentication Method SCA Compliant?

Is SMS OTP SCA Compliant Cover

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) – a pivotal part of PSD2 guidelines – requires customers to provide two forms of authentication during certain transactions. If a payment requires SCA, customer transactions will be declined without the correct authentication. 

A one-time password (OTP) – also commonly known as a verification code – is a randomly generated password sent to an individual when they need it. Is SMS OTP SCA compliant? How secure is OTP? Moreoever, should you include it in your PSD2 SCA?

Read our white paper to find out whether you should use SMS for your strong customer authentication, and if you do, how could you make sure it is secured.

  • Are SMS One-Time Passwords SCA Compliant?
  • How secure are SMS one-time passwords?
  • Should you include SMS in your PSD2 strong customer authentication?
  • Alternatives to SMS one-time passwords
  • How JT can secure your SMS one-time password codes
  • The benefits of choosing JT as your PSD2 security provider