JT Messaging and MNP Product Overview 

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The messaging industry is growing and changing. Sending a message or SMS now stands at the roots of communicating with partners and clients in a timely manner, improves sales and customer service, and is essential for some authentication services. However, reaching the end user is a complicated process, that if managed can be optimised, secured and navigated to bring more value for the business.

JT plays a leading role in the global enterprise messaging market and our focus on direct operator agreements, provides a foundation for global messaging connectivity at scale. We are a trusted Tier 1 mobile network operator, we helps businesses build and maintain consumer trust by providing enterprise level connectivity, number validation and secure routing information. The result is that traffic can securely be delivered over our robust carrier-grade high availability network or secure APIs.

JT Messaging and MNP services provide a platform for secure delivery of time sensitive traffic in addition to global data sets to drive messaging efficiency and high conversion rates, powered by mobile network data across a set of different products.

Take a look at our enterprise messaging overview to learn more about: 

  • What is the current Messaging market?
  • What benefits Enterprise Messaging and MNP bring?
  • What products JT can offer based on your needs? 
  • What benefits JT can bring to achieve your business goals?